Friday, December 13, 2013

The Other Side

           Astral travel’s been natural for me since I was a young girl. These frequent out-of body experiences consisted of my astral body separating from my physical body and traveling outside it. It is called ‘astral’ body because it glitters like stars when observed intuitively. The astral body doesn’t have organs, although it takes on a form similar to one’s physical body. Astral travel is when the astral body leaves the physical body, moving to where it wishes. While sleeping, at the will of my mind, I fly anywhere my heart desires.
            Countless times I’ve been thanked for visiting friends and family members during the night when they were in distress. For me, these events are seen by me as dreams, however, those whom I visit describe the pajamas I was wearing when I arrived to console their aching hearts.
A girlfriend had a horrific fight with her husband one night, leaving her crying into her pillow with her back to her sleeping husband. I glided into her bedroom, gently put my right hand on her shoulder until she was aware of my presence. I sat on the edge of her bed until she calmed and then fell peacefully asleep. The next morning I saw her at my son’s school and she gave me a warm hug, thanking me for visiting in the wee hours of the prior night. I told her I thought I’d merely dreamed of the event. She assured me it was no dream.
I’ve longed for my late mother and brother since their deaths years ago. I yearn to see them, feel the warmth of their arms around me and hear what they’ve been doing in the spirit world. When my mother was dying, she said, “Honey Bunny, I’ll always be here for you.” Recently, I crawled into bed one night, crying. I spoke to my mother for comfort. I finally fell asleep and traveled to the spirit world in search of my mother and Ross, my brother. I saw myself wearing the same pajamas I was wearing when I fell asleep. I traveled in a sitting position, with my legs extended in front of me. My arms were held straight out sideways to feel the warm air. With my eyes wide open, I searched for my mother and Ross.
The air was a balmy 75 degrees, the sky the clearest blue and the trees the greenest green. There were more flowers than I’ve ever seen in my life. Farm animals grazed, dogs played chase and people walked hand in hand. This sanctuary was almost too much for my mind to absorb. My body felt a weightlessness never experienced in my physical body. My heart was full of pure love and soaked up all I witnessed. At last I was at peace, free from life’s problems.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kato and Kalei, my late Saint Bernards, charging up to me. Their tongues were hanging out the sides of their mouths from having run so hard to catch up to me. I landed softy on the ground and hugged my beloved dogs. They licked my face, nestled their muzzles in my hair and once again, Kato, my 220-pound baby boy, sat on my lap. It was obvious how much they missed me and wanted to come back to my life. I let them know I still wasn’t in a position to have them return.
Hugging and kissing my dogs one last time, I willed myself to begin flying again. I traveled quite a distance further in search of my mother and Ross. They were no where to be found. Sadly, it dawned on me they weren’t going to greet me. They knew I wouldn’t want to return to my life, however, my most precious belonging trusted his mother to be there when he awoke. I flew back home and gracefully put myself back into my physical body. When I awoke the next morning, I walked down the hallway to my son’s room, saw him sound asleep and knew then the reason I’m to remain on God’s green earth: for my most precious being.
Life’s twists create longing in other’s hearts and they, too, travel. As I “slept” one night, I was visited by a lover from years gone past. We made love with our hands above my head and our fingers intertwined. This is how we made love for the first time three decades years ago.

I know from years of experience, when I awaken from a “dream” and I’ve seen the actual face of the person, coupled with intense sensations, astral travel actually took place while I slept. When I need to escape the trials of daily living, I travel while I sleep to either help others or search for loved ones no longer in my daily world. When I desperately need help, an astral travel to the Other Side is merely a thought away. 

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