Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Passionate Interests

  1. Health/Nutrition/Vegan/Organic/Exercise/Vaccination Damage
  2. Animal Well-Being/Communication
  3. Music/Musicians/Lyrics/History:
A.                 Rock
B.                Classic Rock
C.                Pop
D.                Indie/Alternative
E.                 Soul/R&B/Funk
  1. Into the Mystic/Metaphysical:
A.                 Time Travel
B.                Astral Travel
C.                Past Lives
D.                Intuition
E.                 Clairvoyance
F.                 Teleporting
G.                Spirits/Ghosts
H.                Instant Thought Messages
I.                    Universal Connection
J.                  Six Degrees of Separation: We’re all Connected and from the same source
K.                Spiritual Realm VS. Religious Dogma
L.                 The Other Side
  1. Writing/Editing/Publishing/Libraries/Researching
  2. Reading: Non-Fiction/Learning Self Improvement
  3. Teaching:
A.                 Classes
B.                Writing
C.                Being
  1. Psychology:
A.                 Mind
B.                Brain
C.                Creativity
D.                Dreams
E.                 Behavior/Personalities
F.                 Brilliance/Genius
  1. Wardrobe/Closets/Beauty:
A.                 Organizing/Coordinating
B.                Style Trends
C.                Hair/Make-Up/Skin Care
D.                Posture/Presence
E.                 Beauty Personified: Inner/Outer
  1. Home Decorating/Interior Design
  2. Colors/Effects:
A.                 Auras
B.                Chakras
  1. Astrology/Numerology/Tarot Cards/Palm Reading
  2. Hawaii:
A.                 University of Hawaii ~ Manoa: Alma Mater
B.                Culture
C.                Food
D.                Nostalgia
E.                 Weather
F.                 Spirituality
G.                History
H.                Scenery
I.                    Healing negative ions from ocean’s vibes
J.                  Natural fragrance
K.                Flowers/Flora/Fauna/Waterfalls
L.                 Clean air
  1. Connecting:
A.                 “The Connector”: Bringing together or into contact so a link is established
B.                Creating Harmony/Peace/Tranquility

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