Saturday, June 11, 2011


I enjoyed reading all your books and now they are headed to my mom's.  You really write to the heart and I want you to know this.  I was a little sad finishing the books because there are no more (for now).You have had very wonderful people in your life and that is what it is all about. Your stories are so vivid it makes me really want to know everyone, too.  And for the ones that are gone, you have provided a legacy that will not be forgotten.
Jacquelyn Theile

Your writing flows very well and it's easy to follow along.........not confusing at all.  You convey everything in a clear fashion and with humor. 

Linda Di Grigorio

Your stories will be cherished by Spencer.  The Life Stories class I'm taking taught me how much family stories enrich a person's life.  Not only are your stories informative, they are well crafted.  Of course they resonated with me because I am acquainted with most of the players.  Your writing is warm and wonderful.
Aunt Audrey Herald-Polster

When I read your stories they brought me pleasure and helped me understand who you are.  They inspired me to write........I just have to find the time. Good luck with the new book and I can't wait to read it.
Debbie Gott

What I can remember are loving the stories; laughing, tearing, getting to know you, getting to know the animals, enjoying the pictures and being jealous of your farm.
Love, Patsy Fish

So glad you have written another book.  I’ve always enjoyed reading your books and am looking forward to reading your fourth.  Your books are in my special place; when I see them I am grateful for everyday. Reading them gave me a sense of appreciation of my life. Each day we see “friends” and remember, meet, pass by, smile, wave, wink and embrace them. There is a reason for those special moments; encounters and your books taught me that.  “Friends” are our guardian angels who help us through the ups and downs of life.  Thank you for showing me that.”
With Love, Elginia Bowers

“Here's what reading your life stories meant to me: Mainly they allowed me to know more of the real you.  There were stories of your life I never had a clue you dealt with, even after years of knowing you!  In reading or hearing anyone else's experiences and how they handled them, it makes me think more of my responses and to consider another point of view.  Deb, knowing you is a joy...and ALWAYS thought provoking!
Your friend, Pam Slocum 

I don't know if I've read all of your writings, but I've enjoyed what I've read.  The most memorable book to me was And Then There Was One.  I found it very moving.  Of course, I loved your story about Shiloh from the beginning.  As always, it is sad when it has to end, but we all know it's part of the living experience.  We also know it does not really end there.  So, I think it is safe for me to say the things you write move and inspire me. You have taught me so much.  I appreciate that.
Love, Trudi Christina
I hope what I say has some meaning for you or your publishers.  It goes without saying I wish I had the opportunity to read all of your works. I found your writing exudes warmth and brings to the reader familiar surroundings and situations.  This gives the reader a comfort level and a feeling of knowing the author; something many authors find difficult to do. I also like the fact you provide focus for the reader.  It allows the reader to participate in the experience you are writing about.  Such focus does not allow for wandering thoughts or distractions to interfere with the essence of the story. I also like the way in which you set the scene for your stories.  This helps the reader picture himself or herself in the place where the characters and action are, giving him or her a participatory role in the action. It seems these stories and your way of writing them are very appropriate for intermediate grade children and would be very valuable in the classroom as a teaching tool to improve student writing and related language skills. I hope you are still writing and I personally can read more of your work. Looking forward............
Nancy Krchniak 
Blessings of this day, crystal blue eyes! Deb, please know how much your experiences have meant to me! They are from your heart – the very place from which to feel, speak and act. Thank you so very much for putting your heart on paper so we, who love you, could share what you’ve gone through on your own unique path to love and enlightenment. I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you for your trust. Blessings, love and hugs to you and Spencer!
Cindy Pitt

Living and experiencing life with you has made a big impression on me. YOU healed many parts of me and my life; so did Spencer, Howie, the pig, Moki, the cat, Shilo, the bull, the St. Bernard’s and your ranch! 
Love you so much, Deb! 
Victoria Cserjan


I read your blog:, and I'm serious when I say you're one helluva writer and more! As you said, "The only thing with the blog is the reader doesn't have the photo, which accompanies the story of the Frampton concert." I’ll let you know whether I have success on inserting your blog pictures!
Deborah, I've got to let you know as a writer, you've got TALENT in far more ways than I can express. In my experience, sometimes I didn't need a picture to accompany the story: Written words can draw its own picture(s) in the reader's mind, and it can be hard to find THAT picture that illustrates the story.
You blew me away with your weblog (blog), and I wish I could meet you in person after reading it! Of course, I'd like to meet you, your family, as well as your rescued/extended family while we're in CA, because I have no idea when we'll be back on the west coast.
Your ranch in Woodside seems to be filled with incredible love, sacrifice, compassion, advocacy, passion, along with so much more I'm unaware of and I'm in awe of you! Your immediate and extended families are lucky to have you on their side!
If I can help out in any way, beside my "constructive criticism", photos and any other ideas for your blog: I can say honesty say your heart-filled and funny stories are GREAT: I feel honoured you shared it with me and I can't wait to meet you in person someday: I hope we will meet sooner rather than later, too!
Take care,
Jennifer Ballard-Stewart

Dear Family of Friends,

My Aunt Shirlee encouraged me to begin writing August 1, 2000. When my mother was dying in April of 2001, she urged me to put my stories into books. I've ful-filled both their requests. Aunt Shirlee, my mother's eldest sister, recently left this message after reading several of my latest stories. If you, or anyone you know, has suggestions on how I may pursue my ailing aunt's and late mother's requests, please let me know. I'll be grateful for your help. LOVE, Deborah, Debbie, Deb.

Deb, You have done one helluva job. You know what? I’m as baffled as you as who to send them to for a critique, for the avenues, where to, what publications to put them in. God, is there anyway, through the Internet, you can find someone to represent you? Or talk to another author? Like the one Mary Higgins Clark book I sent and asked you to read? How do you find a good, responsible, solid agent? Deb, please, I think that’s what you need. Maybe a good writing group, with a good agent? Someone in the business, so you’re not fooling around, playing around, taking advice from people who may not have correct advice. Do you hear me? You’re really on my mind. Let me hear from you when you’re in the mood. I know you have a lot on your mind.
Aunt Shirlee Herald