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For: Ben Stiller's "Project ALS"

Information from Healthy Healing 14th Edition, Linda Page, Ph.D., Traditional Naturopath. "M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) and A.L.S. (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)" Page 508:

     For half a million Americans, Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive, central nervous system disease where the myelin sheath wrapping the nerves is damaged. Triggered by an auto-immune reaction (where the immune system attacks itself) to viruses like herpes or Epstein Barr, the immune system creates antibodies to the brain's myelin which bears an uncanny resemblance to the viruses. Research links low essential fatty acids and lack of vitamin D to myelin sheath degeneration and MS.  (Myelin is naturally high in essential fatty acids.) MS must be treated vigorously. A little therapy does not work, but long lasting remission is possible. Natural therapies take 6 months to a year (time well spent - MS drug treatments of fail and have severe side effects). Strong immune defense is essential. A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's disease) affects skeletal muscle nerves with progressive muscle wasting as the muscles lose their nerve supply. Treat both MS and A.L.S. for nerve damage first, then work to restore muscle function and immune health. Transdermal histamine therapy (Prokarin) shows good results. (Contact EDMS at 360-654-0448 or check out Stem cell treatment for MS removes damaged white blood cells, and then replenishing them with the patient's own bone marrow cells is very promising. Are you at risk for MS? Initial onset of numbness, tingling and fatigue occurs between age 30 and 45, more often in women. Visual loss, preceded by blurring, double-vision and eyeball pain, follows. Breathing difficulty, slurred speech, a staggering gain, tremors, dizziness, bladder and bowel problems result from partial paralysis onset. Men become sexually impotent as nerves degenerate. Symptoms mimic Lyme disease. MRI is typically used to diagnose MS, but sufferers will soon be able to track their illness with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

Diet and Lifestyle Support Therapy ~ Nutritional Therapy Plan: A healthy diet deters the onset of M.S. attacks.
1. Malnutrition and stress often precede M.S. Follow a cleansing diet for 2 months, similar to one for Candida albicans (see pg. 366). Then, follow a modified macrobiotic diet (pg. 119) for 6 months. Take potassium broth (pg 299) twice a week. Kombucha mushroom drink, along with a mild liver detox has led to marked improvement in several cases because it cleans out trigger toxins. Take Alpha Lipoic Acid 300-600 mg, Crystal Star Liver Renew caps 6 daily and Liver Cleanse Flushing Tea and Vitamin C, 1/4 tsp every hour to bowel tolerance, daily for a month. (Reduce to 5,000 mg daily after the cleanse). Take a catnip enema or spirulina implant once a week for several months. 
2. Reduce saturated fats from red meats and dairy foods and increase healthy essential fatty acids from food like seafoods and seaweeds. The diet should  be 70-80% fresh foods, with plenty of salads and green drinks, 15-20% fresh fruits, and 5-10% vegetable proteins from sprouts, legumes and seeds. Eat fish and sea veggies with a bowl of brown rice every day for B vitamins and EFAs. Also try Nutricology Progreens, or Crystal Star Systems Strength drink with EFAs from sea veggies. Pure Planet Chlorella stimulates immune B and T cells. 
3. Keep sugar levels low. Avoid all fried foods, fatty dairy foods and caffeine foods. Avoid meats except fish. Reduce high gluten foods. Avoid artificial sweeteners (aspartame), and MSG foods. Eliminate pectin candies like gummy bears or fruit jellies. 
Bodywork: Sunlight and vitamin D influences the remission of M.S. There are far less incidences of the disease in sun-belt regions. Mild daily exercise, guided imagery, massage therapy and mineral baths are useful.
• Acupuncture is proven to ease symptoms
• Bee venom therapy can produce dramatic results, even in advanced cases. Contact the American Apitherapy Society at 631-470-9446
• Remove mercury amalgam fillings. C'est Si Bon Chlorenergy helps if you have amalgam fillings removed. 
Herbal, Superfood and Supplement Therapy ~ Interceptive therapy plan: Choose 2 to 3 recommendations.
1. Rebuild Strong Nerve Structure: Crystal Star Relax Caps (highly successful), All One Green Phytobase, or Planetary Myelin Sheath Support formula with oatseed tea for nerve pain, Ashwagandha drops counter fatigue, Soloray Centella Asiatica for nerve repair, Ginkgo biloba extract for tremor and brain boost, Chondroitin sulfate-A 1200 mg for spine help, with magnesium 400 mg 3x daily, Pacific Biologic Adaptrin, Jarrow Gentle Fibers drink helps nerve tissue.
2. Preserve Brain Cells with Amino Acid Therapy: NADH, 10 mg in the morning, Phosphatidyl serine 300 mg daily/3 months, Vitamin D3 2000IU daily with DHA (Mushroom Wisdom DHA is a good choice). Lysine 500mg daily, Acetyl-Carnitine 1000mg, Anabol Naturals Amino Balance, Threonine for spasticity, CoQ10 260 mg daily. Glutathione 100mg daily. For A.L.S.: Amino acid therapy may slow deterioration rate up to 75% (better than drugs). I recommend a full spectrum formula like Anabol Naturals Amino Balance 3x daily. Lithium orotate may prevent/delay A.L.S. progression: Ask your holistic physician.
3. Essential Fatty Acids is Key: Evening Primose Oil caps 4-6, Barleans Total Omega Swirl or Omega-3 Rich Flax Oil 3x daily, Green Foods Wheat Germ Extract with EFA's, Crystal Star Pro-Est Balance a wild yam source for hormone balance, DHA 200 mg daily with Beta carotene 150,000IU, Egg Yolk Lecithin and cold water fish oils 3x daily, for M.S.-related eye damage. Use enzyme therapy for inflammation, Transformation Purezyme protease or Crystal Star Dr. Enzyme with Protease and Bromelain to reduce inflammation.
4. Boost B-Vitamins and Minerals: Sublingual B-12, 2500 mcg 2 daily for 1 month with Germanium 150 mg, then every other day for 2 months, Nature's Secret Ultimate B or B-complex 150 mg daily, extra folic acid 400 mcg 2x daily, Niacin therapy: 500 mg 3x daily with B6 500mg. Crystal Star Calcium Source extract with sea veggies or Lane Labs Advacal Ultra with vitamin D. CC Pollen Royal Jelly 2 tsp.
5. Enhance the Adrenals: Vitamin K 100mcg daily, American Biologics Sub-Adrene, Crystal Star Adrenal Energy with sea veggies.

The End ~ May something in the above-written information resonate and bring you renewed health. 

All the Best,
Deborah Gilson

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