Wednesday, January 4, 2012


             She’s an angel in human form. I met Katy when I was 13. My family and I recently moved to Redding, leaving ranch life behind. The day after we arrived at our new home, I met Katy, Donna, and Susan, who were playing down the road outside Donna’s house. Instantly, a group of four friends was formed as they accepted me into their close-knit circle. It didn’t take long for us to name our group The Movie Stars.
            When she was four-years-old, Katy was in a tree fort being built by her father. The four sides were not yet up, however, Katy and her older brothers enjoyed playing in it. Knowing Katy was terrified of creepy-crawly bugs, her older brothers showed her a worm one day when she was quietly playing alone in the tree house. Terrified, Katy backed away from her brothers and the worm. She tumbled out from an unfinished side of the tree fort and landed flat on her back. She was knocked unconscious from the fall; her brothers ran into the house and alerted their mother.
            An ambulance arrived minutes later and Katy was raced to the hospital.  It appeared as though there was no damage to Katy's tiny body and she was released to her mother. Once they arrived home, Katy told her mother about her terribly hurting head. It was assumed this was only a minor side effect of the fall. It was then her mother gave Katy the nickname after Katydid, the insect.        
Katy and I enjoy sharing our thoughts on the world, trials, tribulations and life’s events. It’s nearly impossible to find someone with whom you can share your heart’s desires. She refrains from telling you why what you want is wrong. With Katy, I could be crying and she might say, “Yes, I hear everything you’re saying. You feel sad, hurt, betrayed and angry. What can you do to you feel better? I think a trip to Bath & Body Works is a good place to start.” Right away, I calm down; I’ve been heard and understood. She guides me to eventually finding my own answers.
            For her birthday a couple of years ago, I interviewed Katy. I wrote down what she said and titled it, “I Am Katy.” This is what she wants her loved ones to know.
            Before she is dust in the wind, Katy wants it known who she really is. She is actually not a movie star; she hopes this is not a requirement for capturing your attention. She, like you, came into this life with a mission. She is required by God to fulfill this mission as a moral, complicated, trusting, knowing, caring, understanding, positive, healthy, selfless, admirable, generous, spiritual, respectable, confident, funny, strong, perceptive, accomplished, graceful, grateful, creative, inspiring, courageous, honorable, empathetic, sympathetic, attentive and loving human being. Also, she is fashion conscious.
            When the vulnerable are at risk of danger or harassment, she is the first to take a stand on their behalf. Do not challenge her; she is an unexplainable force. Should you attempt to cloud her thinking with negativity, she will walk away. If you are in Katy’s company, she invited you. You are someone with whom she wishes to spend her time; someone she values and feels comfortable having around those she loves.
            She, too, works through the love of God, as Mother Theresa continues to do from above. Like Diana, Princess of Wales, she will show her sons the face of poverty in other children. You may think you know her; perhaps one day you will read her words.
            Listen closely, Katy’s family of friends, and honor her now before her funeral. She is not here for long; neither are you. Let it be known, she is Katy; my cherished friend.

Where did you come from, Katy, dear?
straight from heaven, blue and clear
Continuing another angelic task
for those in need you rarely ask
Questions of them; you already know
what one needs; you always glow
Your wings will be open wide
for those who need shelter inside
If we’re lucky, we’ll see you’re more
than anyone we’ve met before
We’ll treat you with tender loving care
for you are someone we would not dare
To have escape and leave our life
you’re a mother, daughter, sister, and wife
You’re my friend; you’re one of the best
I phone you when life puts me to test
You calm me down, my worries fade
I thank God you were made
You came straight from the crystal blue
paving the path for me to you.

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