Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Teacher of Love

      I’ve heard his name mentioned a thousand times throughout my life. He’s somewhat of an icon to many people I’ve known. How could someone, who lived just 33 years, leave such an indelible mark?
Posture straight and standing tall, he walked miles of dusty hot earth, finally reaching his destinations. Of Jewish decent, born in the spring time to a loving mother and father, he set off in his teen years to begin his calling; show others what he inherently knew in leading by example.
His steely-blue eyes, auburn-colored hair and trim stature represented hope, faith and prosperity of the heart for those who had the good fortune to embrace this man’s warmth. He needn’t meet one in person for them to envelope all he offered; one merely need open to their hearts, souls and awareness to receive the restorative benefits he spread like a ripple effect upon calm, clear, aquamarine waters.
His life, however, was short-lived as he was killed at age 33. Those outside his mind-set were deeply threatened by the fierce loyalty to his own beliefs. They were in far greater number than those who followed him. His powerfully intoxicating personality made those outside his group terrified of losing these individuals.
In the end, on a snowing winter’s night, he was put to death. As his loved ones, from far and near, gathered at the specified site on the mount, they cried in agony at what couldn’t be stopped. As his mother lay crying at his feet, his father comforted her and in his own agony, still felt the pride his heroic son embraced.
I’ve dreamed of him swimming nude in the warm waters, surrounded by tiny waterfalls. I watch as he pulls his lanky body out of the waters to lie next to his lady love and soak up the rays of the brilliant sun. I’ve dreamed of walking through a cave and discovering a drawing in the stone of him next to a similar etching of Ross, my deceased brother. In the dream, I can’t help but notice the physical resemblances of my brother to him.
As I ponder life and what he means to me, I take comfort having a friend known only to my heart, soul and consciousness. To this day, he means the world to me; the teacher of love. 

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